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'Allora' means 'Waterhole , the place of the swamp' in the Giabal language. The Giabal people, the traditional custodians of the area south of Toowoomba, QLD. Giabal is related to the Bundjalung chain of languages, there were shared words between the two languages. 

'Allora' is also the name of a town in that region. 

'Jade' is a mineral: Nephrite and Jadeite and much used for jewellery and ornaments. It is mostly known for the green varieties, though it appears naturally in other colours as well: yellow, white, black, purple, red, pink, blue, grey, brown and orange. 
'Jade' is believed to have several benefits: increasing fortune, grounding, and enhancing maturity in relationships. Many consider it a protector of generations, living and dead. Jade has been and always will be the “Gem Supreme” and the “Jewel of Heaven,” stone of the heart. 

'Jade' is also a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers that is native to the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa, and Mozambique. A very common and much loved houseplant worldwide. 
The Jade plant known as the lucky plant, money plant or money tree. 

When I was brainstorming the 'Name' for my store: I knew, it had to incorporate the colour green, as I love green and it had to incorporate an Aboriginal word, as I'm a Wiradjuri women. Jade and Peridot have always been my favourite gemstones, ever since my teens. Now, a word that sounds nice with Jade or Peridot. I searched and searched through Indigenous word lists and baby names and tried many combinations. 

Although, I wasn't a fan of the meaning of Allora and not totally happy, but I knew the word from Italian, as I lived in Switzerland for 16 years. So, I researched the meaning of Allora, wow! There are so many meanings from so many languages and cultures and they were all very good and positive meanings, so let's go and the winner is: Allora Jade 

My Products

You have probably noticed that some of my products have been named. I have done this for 3 reasons: 

1. I wanted to bring the languages of the Aboriginal People closer to more people, kinda like my way of creating awareness of the original languages of Australia, they are becoming lost and forgotten and that's a bit sad. For this reason, if a product name, mostly Earrings and Necklaces, have been given an Aboriginal word name, I have noted the meaning of the word and it's origin. 

2. It's assists the URL Handle, background IT stuff. 

3. I like to be different or try to be. 

The Aboriginal words that have been given to the Earrings and Necklaces have been carefully chosen to match the style, crystals and colours. The names are not assigned by random, a lot of research and work has gone in to this. 

My Handbags, Clutches and Backpacks have been named after towns in Australia. Why? Allora is also the name of a town and Bags go places. 

I do not make my products myself, I'm not that talented. I source my products from leading global jewellery and product designers. I have partnered with Artisans / suppliers / manufacturers from the US, Australia, Europe and Asia. I stand behind the quality of my products, however I do not do the quality control myself and sometimes, it happens, that an item might slip through quality control. Should you receive an item that is defective or damaged or significantly different as described in the product description, Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

My team is always, sometimes weekly, adding new products to my Store. To be informed and up-to-date with "What's New", check Allora Jade Facebook page and Instagram. This brings me to the 


Signup, don't signup, that's really up to you! I personally don't like receiving all those marketing emails and that's why we currently don't send any Newsletters. However, my marketing team is constantly on my back, wanting me to agree that they can send marketing emails with updates about "What's New" in store and current "Promotions" 

UPDATE 11/May/2022 - from yesterday we have now the subscribe to our Newsletter Pop-Up. Newsletters will only be sent out at the beginning of each month, so 12 times a year. To really make it worth your time by subscribing to our Newsletter, I'm offering you a sweet 10% off deal and the newsletters will contain the best discount offers that we will not advertise anywhere else. 

On 1 of the Pop-Ups, I'm asking for your Birthday because I will send you a Special Birthday Offer. This will be tested on random days. If you see this pop-up, add your your birthday, don't be shy, I am not interested in how old or young you really are and I don't check it. I just thought it might be a good way to reward you with a gift for your Birthday and the Offer in the Birthday emails will be our best Offer ever, promise, and only available in the Birthday emails. 

As you can read, I have given in and am allowing the pop-up and Newsletters, but they come with a very sweet deal for you and is in testing mode. 

♡ Nat

Promotions - Discount Codes

I also personally don't like the pop-ups on online stores that ask for your email address and they will give you some kind of % off your order in exchange. That's why, I don't have those pop-ups, my marketing team again not happy. The best way to find out about current Promotions and Discount codes is to follow our socials, check our Bio on Instagram and Posts, check our Facebook page and Posts, and check our Homepage and Announcement bar. 

The Day will come, most likely this year, where I will give-in and allow my marketing team to send out an "occasional" Newsletter with promotions and discounts only available to the Newsletter emails. So, as mentioned: Signup, don't signup, that's really up to you! 

 My Allora Jade 

I created the name, designed the logo, the colours and the style of my store. I search the globe for amazing products that will help you to feel good every single day. I work closely with global Artisans, suppliers and manufactures, buy in bulk, guaranteeing a fair price for all parties. I'm very proud of what I have built and absolutely love every product on my store. I wish I could own everything myself, but my home is not big enough. So it gives me enormous joy to be able to provide you with a wonderful selection of high quality feel-good products at affordable prices. 

Thank You for visiting my store. I hope you have enjoyed your time spent browsing through stunning jewellery, trendy handbags, idyllic homewares and if you decide to become my customer, I hope you love and enjoy every minute with my products as much as I do! 

♡ Nat m.w 

Founder / Owner 
Allora Jade